Board Of Directors


Mohammed Javed Qureshi has long dedicated his full time efforts towards serving humanity after a successful career in retail food industry. He founded Friends Of Humanity in 2010 and has travelled overseas to help earthquake victims and provide relief to families. Under his leadership, Friends of Humanity has grown into a strong organization providing social services, healthcare, education, youth services and family assistance

Naima Khan Ghany has been recognized as one of the local champion social and community service workers. She serves on the historic advisory board for the City of Miramar, and serves as ambassador for Vice Mayor Yvette Colbourne. She founded the Broward County Council of Muslim Students Association for middle and high schools. She works with numerous Islamic centers to promote youth development, leadership and civic engagement.

Naeem Uddin, PE, GC, graduated from University Of Miami in 1983. He is a professional engineer, General Contractor and a building inspector. Naeem Uddin is the founder of of Grace & Naeem Uddin Inc., GNU Development, LLC and GNU Alabama, LLC. His firm has successfullycompleted numerous private and county construction projects in South Florida and elsewhere. He has been a strong supporter of community and social services projects for over 30 years.

Amin Naviwala has been a strong proponent of social services his entire life, while establishing a successful entrepreneurial example in the community. He is affiliated with AAPNA – an organization of medical professionals in the USA, and DYSF – a large group of community activists promoting education, hunger prevention, and youth development. He is an active participant with a specialized group focused on resolving business and family conflicts

Waseem Quadri, P.E., S.I, is a civil & Environmental Engineer, who has a master’s degree in Mechanical engineering from Ohio State University in 1981 & B.S.M.E (Hons) from Aligarh Muslim University, India . He has 38 years of experience in material testing, environmental audits, and threshold Inspections. He has been a board member at Islamic Foundation of South Florida since June 1997 and secretary at FHII since its inception 2010.

Sohail Kothari is a founding member of FHII. Lives and work in Miami. He leads the Commercial Banking business for Citigroup in Florida. Sohail serves on several not for profit organizations with diverse background and offerings. He is an active member of Sanad Foundation, Urban League of Miami, and Islamic Center Of Miami. Sohail has been instrumental in helping the drought stricken overseas regions with water wells and other facilities.

Dr. Zakia Subhani completed her residency in clinical, surgical pathology and internal medicine in New York and New Jersey. She served as medical director at several clinics and eventually opened her own practice. She is a board member and volunteer physician at UHI Community Care Free Clinic and serves on the board of Muslim Communities Association. She has been recognized for her work with supporting women in distress.

Yunus Ismail received his graduate degree in Computer Sciences from Florida International University in 1972. He has over 40 years experience in the development and management of Financial Information Technology systems. He has been a resident of Florida for 50 years, providing community services and has helped Friends Of Humanity develop numerous coalitions to interact with other Islamic and non-Islamic organizations and communities.


Shakeel Hye, Munir Dossani, Faisal Haroon,
Mohammed Javaid Qureshi, Javed Abdulaziz (Late), Siraj Shaikh,
Amin Naviwala, Razzak Khanani, Yunus Ismail