Adapting Global Communities

Adapting Global Communities
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Adapting Global Communities

In summer of 2012 FHII launched the “Adopting Global Communities” project.  We wanted to expand our aid to other countries and include as many nationalities as possible since South Florida is so diverse. It began with Trinidad and will continue to extend to neighboring islands such as Jamaica, Guyana, and Haiti

In June 2012, 3 college and high school level students from the Youth Volunteer Board (YVB) of FHII visited Trinidad. 300 book bags with school supplies were distributed to deserving students.  Resource and first aid kits were also presented to 4 schools. An orphanage was visited and school supplies, clothing and hygiene products were given to the children. They also made wish lists, which were fulfilled and included items such as USB, camera, clothing, shoes, jewelry etc. FHI also participated in an Outreach program, which extended help to the non-muslim community. School supplies and clothing were also distributed there.

-Distribution of over 300 book bags & school supplies

-Resource & first-aid kits given schools

-School supplies, clothing and hygiene for children at an orphanage

-Children’s wish list were fulfilled

-Outreach program on-Muslim community with school supplies and clothing

-25 families in Trinidad were provided with survival kits which included one month supply of groceries and clothing Cleaning supplies and

bed sheets sent to home for the elderly. Dates were distributed to local masjids for Ramadaan. FHII adopted a school Five Rivers T.I.A, providing sporting equipment & craft supplies and science equipment

-Food hampers, science equipment, bookbags, clothing, hygiene kits and first aid kits were given to 200 families in Guyana. 300 book bags with school supplies, clothing, hygiene kits, shoes & first aid kits were distributed. Medical screenings/care rendered and science equipment was also donated