Banta Kharadar & Bantva Anis Hospitals

Bantva Hospital and Bantva Anis Hospital
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Bantva Kharadar & Bantva Anis Hospitals

Bantva Memon Khidmat Committee (BMKC) was established in 1949 to provide welfare assistance and healthcare services. They have established two hospitals, one in Bantva Hospital Kharadar and another one as Bantva Anis Hospital on shaheede-millat road.

Healthcare services are provided free or based on ability to pay. Over 500 patients are serviced daily at the two locations. During Covicinations.d pandemic, both hospitals provided free Covid testing and vaccinations.

Friends of Humanity is honored to have completed several projects with Bantva Anis Hospitals, including:

  • Brand new AC units throughout the Bantva Anis Hospital including Customer waiting area, surgical rooms, imaging rooms, and nursing stations.
  • Purchase 3 Ultrasound Color Doppler machines