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DYSF was formed in 1990 with the core objective of creating a self-reliant community through education. We started our journey with the awareness on education within community through seminars, weekly career counselling sessions to students and parents and recognizing the star performers through the Academic Excellence Awards.

Along the way, we came to realize that Education is a Process and not an Event as we had to make commitments for medium to long-term, ranging from 5-20 years enabling the students to complete their studies.   This realization led to creation of an Education Endowment Fund with a seed money of Rs. 500,000 in September 2007 and with an initial target of Rs. 300 million. 

The highly encouraging results of our scholarship program motivated us to keep on striving for achieving the target of Rs. 300 million. We are glad to inform you that as of today 500 students have completed their studies and now supporting their families


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