Honduras Hurricane Relief

Honduras Hurricane Relief
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Honduras Hurricane Relief

Honduras devastated by two major hurricanes

In November 2020, Hurricanes Eta and Iota have struck Central America as massive storms, each dumping 20-40 inches of rain on parts of Honduras causing immense flooding. The floodwaters have gone over the rooftops.

The impacts of Hurricane Eta have devastated much of Honduras. Entire communities are flooded, millions of people have been affected and  many forced to leave their homes or have had their homes totally destroyed.

Across Honduras, 969 shelters are housing over 100,000 people. Over 4 million people were affected by hurricane ETA and IOTA in Honduras. Hurricane ETA and IOTA made landfall as a Category 5 storms in Central America. Thousands are seeking refuge in shelters inside schools, gymnasiums, and municipal parks, etc.

Friends o tOf Humanity International Inc., in collaboration with Islamic Center Of Greater Miami (MCA) and Groupo Karims, based in Honduras, organized a fund raising drive to purchase basic food supplies, hygiene items, and other life saving items from local suppliers in Honduras. Thanks to the volunteers at Fundacion Groupo Karims, who delivered the hurricane relief supplies to various shelters and neighborhoods in Honduras.