Ramadan 2022 Food Box Distribution -Syria

Ramadan Food Box Distribution at camp Ersal in Syria
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Ramadan 2022 Food Box Distribution - Syria

Alahamdo Liallal, every year, Friends Of Humanity International, through its overseas collaborators, distributes Ramadan Food Ration packages. These packages contain adequate Ramadan Iftar and Sahoor basic food supplies including rice, flour, beans, sugar, tea & coffee, oils, dry milk, pasta and other items, to last a full month for a family of five. 

Additionally, we try to include Eid gifts for the children.

This year we are working with our overseas friends in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Syria, India, and Pakistan to get the food baskets in the hands of the needy families before the Ramadan starts.

Ramadan Food Boxes were distributed in Ersal refugee Camps located on the border of Lebanon and Syria.