Raunaqe Islam Neighborhood Schools

Raunaqe Islam Neighborhood Schools
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Raunaqe Islam Neighborhood Schools

Raunaq-e-Islam Girls School Nanakwada campus was the first school established in 1948 by PMWES, under the leadership of founder member of the Society, Mohtarma Khadija Hajiani and under the patronage of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, with the vision to provide quality education to all, without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, race, sex, or religion.

With the passage of time, PMEWS established six regular schools, a girl’s college, a teachers training center in Nankwada, Kharadar, Federal B Area, and North Nazimabad. PMWES have also established and support 20 Free Neighborhood schools in the suburbs of Karachi, where there is no school in those areas. Approximately 4000 students and teachers are enrolled in all our campuses getting quality education and training.

These schools are located in the under privileged suburbs of Karachi, where, there is no school existsin that area or have government schools having no teaching staff. Majority of families living in those suburbs can’t afford the cost of education of their children.

We have established and support 20 single rooms to five rooms’ schools with the capacity of 25 students in each class. We provide free Education, which includes free text books, note books, Stationery, Uniform, and other educational needs.Furthermore we provide Ration in Ramazan and Qurbani Meat on Eid-ul Azha subject to availability of funds from the donors.

  1. RIS Neighborhood School, Zia Colony, Orangi Town (FHII Unit 1): Primary Education from Class 1 to 5, having 4 existing classrooms enrolling 120 Students.
  1. RIS NeighborhoodSchool, Muslim Goth, Gadap Town (FHI Unit 2):Primary Education from Class 1 to 5, having 5 existing classrooms, enrolling 120 Students.
  1. RIS Neighborhood School, Mullah Hussain Goth, Gadap Town (FHI Unit 3)Primary Education from Class 1 to 5, having 2 existing classrooms enrolling 52 Students.
  1. RIS Neighborhood School, Jahanabad Goth, Gadap Town (FHI Unit 4)Primary Education from Class 1 to 5, having 1 existing classrooms enrolling 34 Students.
  1. RIS Neighborhood School, Naik Muhammad Goth, Gadap Town (FHI Unit 5)Primary Education from Class 1 to 5, having 1 existing classrooms enrolling 28 Students.
  1. RIS Neighborhood School, Dost Muhammad Goth, Gadap Town (FHI Unit 6)Primary Education from Class 1 to 5, having 1 existing classroom enrolling 27 Students
  1. RIS Technical School at Fareed Colony, Orangi Town

We are going to start a Technical School and Vocational Training Center at Fareed Colony at Orangi Town from 1st June 2021.


We are providing following services:

  1. RIS Neighborhood Primary Schools: Children having some or no education are enrolled for Primary Education from Grade 1 to Grade 5.
  1. RIS Neighborhood Secondary Schools: Students who have already completed their Primary Education but due to financial issues, they can’t enroll in Secondary Schools, we enroll in our schools from Grade 6 to Grade 10.
  1. RIS Neighborhood Higher Secondary Scholarships: We provide Scholarship to the students who have already completed their Secondary Education are enrolled in nearby colleges for further education upto Grade 12.
  1. RIS Neighborhood Primary & Secondary Scholarship: We admit financially poor students in the schools available in the area and pay their tuition fee, provide free textbooks, copies and uniforms.
  1. Health Screening of students: We regularly conduct students health screening program once a year in our every school, which consists of BMI, Eyes, Ears and Teeth Testing. Furthermore we provide medical help to those students, who have medical issues found in the light of health screening.
  1. Teachers Training: We regularly provide free periodical training to our teachers and 300 Karachi based teachers of Basic Education Community Services (BECS), a department of Federal Government, who runs home schools in all over Pakistan. We also pay stipend to interne students as per their skills.
  1. Montessori Teachers Training Center: One year Early Childhood Montessori Teachers Training program is conducted in our state of art institute located in F.B Area, Karachi. We provide practical and technical training to the students along with the course and prepare them to conduct Montessori classes. This program is recognized by Sindh Board of Technical Education and BBSYDP. After the compilation of training they are able to get very good income as Montessori Directress as per their skills.
  1. Quranic Education with Tajweed: We conduct a regular three month course to train the teachers and housewives of our locality to recite the Quran with proper Tajweed and train them to conduct our regular course “Aoo Quran Padheyn” with Arabic teaching and translation of Quran designed for Class KG to Class Eight in all our schools.
  1. Bachelor of Education Scholarships: We provide Scholarship and monthly stipend to Grade 12 students who want to adopt teaching as a profession.
  1. Teachers Training for Armatures: We conduct 3-6 months Teachers Training courses for the students, who have given Matric (Grade 10) and Intermediate (Grade 12) examinations and are waiting for results.
  1. Vocational Training Centers: We provide vocational training of Computer and Sewing to boys and girls aged 15 and above in the suburbs of Karachi.